Last Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015. Beginnings of Boatlife

Three days after saying goodbye to the last of our friends and families, we still sit docked at Harbor Point Marina. Our trip has certainly began but our total mileage is still at zero.

We’re learning how to live on board, getting little projects done, and already taking in the info of the local harbor livaboards.

Down river, planned bridge demolition has delayed our departure until Thursday, February 5 at 0600. Had we left the previous day, we could have slipped past the demolition without delay. So it goes with boat life.

The news of our delay came over the VHF radio Tuesday at 0730. The lock master informed the barge captains that the lock will be closed for a couple days and to “take a nap.” In the relative timeline of boats, a couple days is just that. The news is very matter of fact and without argument.

The cold air is abated by our electric space heater (connected to shore power) and the creature comforts of hot water, mediocre DVDs, and sparse but welcoming company.

We realize we will now have to think of our trip as smaller and smaller fragments. We have been focusing on the goal of Panama by April 1, but now we just hope to make it to Hoppie’s Marina–45 miles down river–sometime in the next day or two.


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