March 30, 2015. Last Familiar Goodbyes

Over the last few months, in all the time leading up to our departure, I’ve said so many heartfelt goodbyes. My friends, always moving around, there for an instant; my family, soon to move from my childhood home; me, taking my home with me to anywhere…

But strangely these goodbyes had become so ruitine that I almost didn’t feel like I was going anywhere, or like I was never going to acutally leavce the country. They are the ones leaving, not me, I thought. But pulling up the anchor in Key West, knowing I’m bound for foreign soil was indeed the smallest bit emotional. It represented something bigger, at least.

Key West filled my time by having a constant flow of old friends show up to my door. This called for strong drinks and hearty laughs, but rarely a sad goodbye. “See you soon, take care. Bon Voyage.”

This morning I made last minute phone calls before stepping off land, text messages for friends far away, telling them I’m finally off. The loose ends, all worries of relationships at their end, were cleared up and put nicely to rest. I leave the country in a good place with all I know. Taxes were sent out today.

All of these goodbyes finally feel real now with thousands of feet of water beneath me, my last phone signal behind me, my phone number mine no longer, the only one I’ve had, and my phone now shut off, no more phone calls to be made. I relish the quiet of being a small boat in a big ocean.



  1. “Hi Kassie, Kyle and Dylan, I hope you remember me from the sunsets in Indian Waterways in Islamorada. I am so glad you are “an der weg” as the Germans would say it. I thought you guys had set up permanient residence in Key West! Relationships are changing between the USA and Cuba; so, you are going to be able to visit before the island becomes to Americanized. You are more than likely there already, in Cuba I mean. I will start following more closely now that I know you have left the borders of the USA. Safe travels!!



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